Shelby Earl — Under Evergreen

A lovely slow pop-country anthem. Shelby Earl (how country is that name?) has a clear voice singing a strong melody with C&W guitar twanging in the background. Builds to a stirring crescendo, as so many good things do.

Wildbirds & Peacedrums — Fight for me (Mreds minimal dub)

This eerie exotic evocative mood piece makes the rest of the world go away while you are surrounded by an empty echoing desolate nothingness. If Billie Ray Martin collaborated with Burial they might sound like this. Heard on On the Wire and not easily forgotten.

Bremen — Blue Line

This really gets the blood rushing. It’s that sped-up drum ‘n’ bass vibe, maybe a bit dated, but still full of energy. Nice high-pitched female vocals at the beginning, but they become more and more processed as the track goes on, eventually merging into the general wash of synth.