Shonen Knife — Barbecue Party

Shonen Knife are still ploughing their Ramones furrow in a very charming way. It’s an energetic three-chord description of a barbecue, including cherry trees and deep-fried tofu (well, they are Japanese). From their 153rd album “Supergroup”. Apparently there are no original members left in the group. So is it really Shonen Knife? Discuss. (via OTW… Read more »

Stornaway — Zorbing

This melodic folky number actually swings. It made me think of Belle and Sebastian, which is a pretty good recommendation in itself even if they don’t sound especially similar apart from being melodically folky. I mean, really, “zorbing”?

The Bellbirds — I Gave My Heart to a Fool

I Gave My Heart to a Fool is a gorgeous demo song by a supergroup in the making. Don McGlashan is the king of NZ folk-pop, and SJD his loyal prince. Sandy and Victoria are the lovely princesses. Isn’t it sweet? This song certainly is. They’re so good they don’t even need to put any… Read more »

Animal Collective — My Girls

This beautiful song sounds like the Beach Boys in a huge indoor stadium. It soars. From last year’s album “Merriweather Post Pavilion”. (via OTW 24 Jan 2009)