Kirsten Morrell — Ultraviolet

The Goldenhorse lead singer’s solo album sounds exactly as you would expect: like Goldenhorse in some parts, different in some parts, and altogether great. It’s a pop album with varied songs and arrangements, solid performances and production that manages to stay interestng throughout repeated listenings. Some songs do sound like Goldenhorse. Kirsten knows it too… Read more »

Pop Chocolat — No Way!

Awesome shrill Japanese fuzz-pop. Is that even a word? This track reminds of Dweeb, another obscure band who were already derivative enough. The vocals sound a lot like the Pancakes, with that same high-pitched nasal tone and carefully rounded English vowels, though I actually can’t understand any of it. Except for the “No Way!” Source:… Read more »

CocoRosie — Lemonade

Sounds like Bjork at the beginning with that growly kitten voice and discordant electronic instrumentation, but builds into a bright sing-song melody in the chorus. Brooding and atmospheric, yet still fun.

How To Destroy Angels — A Drowning

I didn’t even know that Nine Inch Nails were defunct, and here’s the first song from Trent Reznor’s next project. It sounds like one of the quieter NIN songs, only with a honeyed female vocal (from Mrs Reznor) instead of Trent’s anguished voice. The result sounds like a bit of a throwback to the ’90s,… Read more »