Rad Wimps — Order Made

This is very easy on the ear without quite being easy listening. It builds quietly to almost-crescendos a few times, but stays quiet and pleasant enough to remind me of Jose Gonzales(?) and even Jack Johnson. (I have heard JJ’s soundtrack to Curious George about a hundred times as that DVD is a family favourite.)… Read more »

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Susumu Yokota — A Flower White

A Flower White is a hypnotically folky piece with a nagging guitar line running throughout. It combines beautifully with Nancy Elizabeth’s clear yet artless vocal. Jim from On the Wire called it a “kind of ’90s goth metal ballad”, and I would agree apart from the metal part. From Yokota’s album “Mother”. Source: On the… Read more »

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Sweet Vacation — Why Don’t You

Clean and jaunty electronic pop with an uplifting chorus that asks, “why don’t you believe that pop will save the world?” I do believe, I do! And this song is a good argument. Well, the chorus is, anyway — the verses fail to soar to the same stratospheric heights. It’s the autotune — I love… Read more »

Aira Mitsuki — Plastic Doll

That retro synth/peppy rhythm/autotune combo gets me every time. For me, the bass synth stands out in this song. Not Aira’s best track, but still well worth bobbing your head to. Source: Japanator Radio

Puffy — Wedding Bell (80kidz remix)

This track is lovely, dominated by synth keyboard stabs that remind me of MGMT, and a celestial chorus of “Aaaaamen!” (At least I think that’s what they’re singing.) I haven’t heard the original, but this track is a good one. Despite the busy instrumentation, it still sounds like Puffy. Source: Japanator Radio

The Slits — Can’t Relate

The Slits have a new album coming out soon! It’s been 28 years since their last — I was beginning to wonder. It’s produced by Adrian Sherwood. Slits and Sherwood sounds like a great combination, but maybe would have been more potent had it happened 20 years ago. I heard a song from the album… Read more »

Allo, Darlin — Dear Stephen Hawking

Dear Stephen Hawking is quirky, twee, fact-filled, jaunty and sweet. From a single called Henry Rollins Don’t Dance, which I really think I need to hear. Source: On the Wire 18 July 2009