Nobuo Uematsu — Here Comes Congo Boy

This seems to be credited to Nobuo Uematsu and the Dog Ears. “Here Comes Congo Boy” is ridiculous in a good way. Silly voices at the beginning give way to a a nice jaunty song, slightly homey and old-fashioned sounding. But as the song goes on it starts to go insane. The singer starts being… Read more »

Aira Mitsuki — Re:x

Aira’s track is is a slightly chaotic and noisy beast. Synth stabs, odd rhythms, vocal samples and odd effects over a disco beat. Aira even sings a bit too. I like it. On this episode of Japanator Radio I also heard Immi’s version of “Joe Le Taxi”. It’s musically much tougher than the original, with… Read more »

Billy Bragg — Sugardaddy (Moodswings remix)

I always liked Billy Bragg’s vocal delivery. Unpolished and heartfelt, and such a great accent. This remix of one of his later tracks by Moodswings sets the toes tapping and his falsetto just sticks in my head. Bragg always came up with good melodies and this one is just too catchy.

Twilight Shooting Star!

Twilight Shooting Star! by Puffy is your basic guitar-bass-drums-2 Japanese girls shout-along popfest. Don’t forget the exclamation mark! Japanator Radio followed Puffy up immediately with Tamaki Nami’s “High School Queen”, which could easily be a Puffy song. Both fun to listen to. Would it be sacrilegious to suggest that I preferred the Tamaki Nami track?… Read more »

Perfume — Night Flight / Edge

Japanator Radio played a couple of tracks from Perfume’s new album “Triangle”. Night Flight has the usual complex autotuned vocals, tight drum fills and retro synth work, wrapped up in a nice melody. This is one of their better tracks. My toes are still tapping. Edge is a bit different. For a start, it’s long… Read more »

Glasvegas — Daddy’s Gone

Songs like this, with its compelling simplicity and sheer singalongableness, are just made to stick in my head. It sounds like a more strident version of The Jesus & Mary Chain, though maybe I’m only saying that because both bands include a pair of Scottish brothers and a stand-up drummer. I love stand-up drummers. Singing… Read more »

Cabaret Voltaire — Sleepwalking

I saw a recent Japanese film called Still Walking, which lead to this song running through my head. Sleepwalking. Still walking. Sleepwalking. Still walking. That metronomic digital CV-funk just won’t get out of my head. And I don’t really mind. The film was brilliant, in a quiet and understated way.