Heard some remixes of Matryoshka tracks. They made me think of Enya, which is something I don’t do very often. Not that they sounded like her, but they were certainly lush, stately string-driven synth tracks with strong yet dreamy female vocals. More stark and spooky than that Irish lass though. You can download quite a… Read more »

Aira Mitsuki — Change My Will

Aira Mitsuki’s track “Change My Will” is another relatively tough techno pop workout from her. High energy with lots of drums and high-pitched mumbling. It’s on her album Plastic and is not called “Chained My Will” as I first thought on hearing it.

Pretty Sound

Pretty Sound by Molice is a chuggin’ slice of guitar-led pop with an insistent beat and vocals. Pretty sound indeed. “Cover Me Shakespeare” by Noodles is a more straightforward pop stomper with their lovely harmonies. (via Japanator Radio 88)

Akira Yamaoka – Love Me Do

Imagine Sigue Sigue Sputnik covering Kraftwerk with Deborah Harry on vocals. Fun, isn’t it? As far as I know that particular combination was never recorded, but by way of compensation there’s always Akira Yamaoka’s “Love Me Do”. The breathy vocals at the beginning sound quite suggestive, but it’s hard to hear clearly, even if you… Read more »