Saori@destiny and Susumu Hirasawa

I have heard a few tracks by Saori@destiny recently. “Stainless Starlight” is a pretty straightforward synthpop thing, with heavily process voice and slightly retro synths. Apparently she’s seen as a successor to Aira Mitsuki. She’s got a way to go before she gets there. Japanator Radio 83 included an old Buffalo Daughter track, “Discotheque du… Read more »

Hangry and Angry and Ayumi

I love the name Hangry and Angry, for some reason. The band has a vis-kei sound (and look — that hair is, frankly, ludicrous) but I did like “Sadistic Dance”. The two female vocals work well, and this song has a slight edge that makes it more compelling that most tracks in that style. Ayumi… Read more »

Peter Gabriel – The Book of Love

Browsing on Grooveshark, I noticed a Peter Gabriel track I didn’t recognise called “The Book of Love”. Imagine my surprise — no, go on, see if you can imagine it — when I realised after a few seconds that it’s a cover of the Magnetic Fields’ song from 69 Love Songs. PG’s voice makes the… Read more »

Tsushi Mamire – Ocha Ska

Today I heard the most ridiculous track. “Ocha Ska” by Tsushi Mamire, from the Pregnant Fantasy album. A girly vocal on a peppy ska beat punctuated with… death metal growling. Death metal?! Awesome. Ridiculous. In a good way. Thanks, Japanator Radio 81.