Japanese pop, good and bad

I heard a couple of Susumu Hirasawa songs. I like his strong, powerful vocal. Works well with the understated electronic instrumentation. I loved “I Can’t Help It” from Honey Sac. Clean guitar power pop with lovely harmonies in the chorus. I could listen to this stuff anytime. Perfume’s new single “One Room Disco” is disappointing…. Read more »

J-pop monsters

Japanator Radio 79 played Tomoyasu Hotei’s “Science Killed the Future” from Guitar Rhythm V. Great opening, sounding like Sigue Sigue Sputnik via Boom Boom Satellites. It morphs into a jaunty chugging guitar pop monster with slightly unusual vocals and an egregious retro guitar solo. As if to outdo themselves, JR also played “Bicycle Race” by… Read more »

Puffy – Hiyori Hime

I have only just heard Puffy’s new single “Hiyori Hime”. They keep on keeping on with their jaunty guitar jangle. It just never stops being fun.