Emiliana Torrini – Jungle Drum

Emiliana Torrini’s “Jungle Drum” is a rockin’ good-time retro stomper. I remember her from the the fragile acoustic “Sunny Road” from a few years ago so I was surprised by this track. Now I want to listen to more of her music — there’s obviously quite a bit of range there.

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Aural Vampire – Darkwave Surfer

Heard Aural Vampire’s “Darkwave Surfer” on Japanator Radio 74. Awesome. Driving minor-key techno with singing. Happy with a hint of darkness. More! More!

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That great Shibuya sound

Heard a few songs from Strawberry Machine. That great Shibuya sound again, and the songs featured other guests like YMCK and MacDonald Duck Eclair, and also the Aprils, whom I will have to investigate. Source: Japanator Radio 69 (“– yeah, get over it”)

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Wagdug Futuristic Unity — God Space

Wagdug Futuristic Unity’s God Space, from the album Hakai, is a driving monster. Actually it sounds quite a lot like Ministry, only maybe slightly faster. Maybe I should have bought this album when I was in Tokyo last year, but I was too upset at not being able to find any Die!! Die!! Color!!! CDs…. Read more »