is maintained by me, Bennett McElwee. Before this domain name existed, Thunderguy was already a real physical place.

About Thunderguy

Here's how a small farm in Scotland became the Web site you are now reading.


Thunderguy is a small region on the Isle of Arran, off the West coast of Scotland. I think Thunderguy used to be all one property, perhaps a farm, but now it has just a couple of houses and a working pottery on it.

Official UK Ordnance Survey maps list Thunderguy as "Thundergay", and this spelling is also used in various other places. However, the spelling "Thunderguy" is more phonetic, and this is how it was spelled on the sign at the gate by the road.

When I lived in Edinburgh in the 1990s, I travelled to Thunderguy several times and spent holidays there in a cottage with friends. During that time, I started up a software development consulting company, and called it Thunderguy Ltd. in honour of the place that I spent many happy vacations.

Later, I moved to Australia, and decided to buy a domain name to (eventually) accommodate various projects I had been planning. I needed a name that was memorable, pronounceable, and of course, available (no small requirement!). I also wanted a name that was fairly abstract, yet still meaningful, at least to me.

And so, in mid-2001, was born.