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Subversion does not play tag

Subversion is a fine version control system, but unlike most others it does not allow tagging of files and directories. Its so-called “tag” functionality is really just a kludge, but if you understand its limitations it can still be useful. Continue reading “Subversion does not play tag” →

iChat Smiley Theme

The iChat Smiley Theme is useful if you use Pidgin to chat with iChat users. Without it, most of the smileys you both type will show up at the other end as boring text rather than fun icons. Continue reading “iChat Smiley Theme” →

Lotus Notes is rubbish

The Lotus Notes UI is a disaster. Examples are legion, and there are doubtless a million web pages attesting to this. So here’s the million-and-first. I thought Notes was clunky the first time I encountered it, which was back in 1996. I was dismayed in 2003 when I started a new job to find that I would have to use the Notes client, not just for email, but also for internal documentation and even for entering time sheets. It turned out that that company had started life as a Lotus Notes development shop. I managed to escape, but now my new company and the client that I am working for both use Notes for email. It’s a nightmare. Continue reading “Lotus Notes is rubbish” →

Top ten Firefox extensions

Here are my ten favourite Firefox extensions. Firefox is an excellent web browser, but its best features are the ones that aren’t included: the huge number of add-ons that can make this good application even better. Continue reading “Top ten Firefox extensions” →

Mozilla Thunderbird email

Everybody loves Mozilla Firefox, the open-source web browser du jour. But there’s nowhere near as much attention being paid to its sister application, Thunderbird, an email and news client and RSS reader. I use Thunderbird for all my email: it has a lot of excellent features, but somehow doesn’t have quite the same mojo as Firefox. Here are some of the things I love, and some other things, about this fine program. Continue reading “Mozilla Thunderbird email” →

One-click “To Read” list

I often stumble across intriguing web pages when I’m busy doing something else. Now I can save them with a single click, and easily come back to them later on, whether I’m at work or at home. Now you can do this too. Continue reading “One-click “To Read” list” →

Multiple Internet Explorer versions in Windows

You can install several different versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer concurrently on Windows. Finally I could see how awful my site looked in IE5 — and the truth wasn’t pretty.

You can download standalone versions of Internet Explorer 3, 4, 5, 5.5 and 6 from the browser archive at Continue reading “Multiple Internet Explorer versions in Windows” →