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Digital Copyright Bill — New Zealand

The New Zealand government is looking to update the country’s copyright laws by implementing the new Copyright (New Technologies and Performers’ Rights) Amendment Bill, also referred to as the Digital Copyright Bill. They recently called for submissions from the public on this Bill. I’m posting my submission here for two reasons. First, because this is an important issue and I’d like it to gain more exposure. More importantly, I want to post it here because I missed the submission closing date. Continue reading “Digital Copyright Bill — New Zealand” →

Microsoft versus Free Software

Last month I wrote that Microsoft doesn’t understand the GPL. But there’s more where that came from. Microsoft’s Shared Source Initiative website also includes a page on Basic Principles of Software Source Code Licensing, which attempts to debunk other open source licensing practices in favour of their own. Continue reading “Microsoft versus Free Software” →

Microsoft doesn’t understand the GPL

Microsoft’s Shared Source Initiative website contains some pretty outrageous falsehoods about free software licenses and the GNU General Public License (GPL). The Shared Source Initiative (SSI) allows certain third parties access to some of the Windows source code. It’s dismaying, but not entirely surprising, that the SSI website shows such a lack of understanding about the GPL. Continue reading “Microsoft doesn’t understand the GPL” →