Visa Eligibility

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361 comments on “Visa Eligibility”

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  1. 262
    Sam said (19 September 2010 at 7:07 pm)

    I am a us citizen working with the military in Okinawa Japan. I am on government orders. I have a great friend in Pakistan and I want him to come and visit. How hard is it to get a visitors visa? Does it take long? What do I do.

    Thank you


  2. 263
    laika said (25 September 2010 at 2:07 am)

    I’m a Filipino holding a Long term resident visa in japan, i got that because my mom is a 3rd generation Japanese descendant and i was given a visa because i’m a minor when my mom applied it,.right now,.i’m at the right age and me and my boyfriend back in Philippines is planning to get married,.

    I want to ask if am I going to loose my current visa status if I get married and can I apply my future husband a visa for residency here in japan even though i had my visa because of my mom and i’m only a fourth generation descent,.

    please help.

  3. 264
    liza said (1 October 2010 at 2:06 pm)

    hi! i am a filipina..i came here in japan using with the different name and im overstay.. and now i want to get married to japanese and i want to use my real name.. i have a chance to get married without passport and CNO certificate of no objection? i have only birthcertificate, cenomar, parental consent etc.. i just dont have passport and CNO from embassy… please give some advise..

  4. 265
    bijaya said (5 October 2010 at 6:37 pm)

    i am in nepal now.i am going to marry japanesa lady soon.i have send my
    all papers they needs there.but i have one problem now i donot know
    how i get visa from nepal to go japan.i want to know this.please i am
    waiting for reply

  5. 266
    Md. Razaul Karim said (23 October 2010 at 5:30 pm)

    A simple word is it possible to provide me a job in Japan? Please show me any path for getting a job in Japan.

    Md. Razaul Karim.

  6. 267
    Luke said (22 November 2010 at 5:10 am)

    Having a criminal record is ruining my life.

  7. 268
    sheeraz ahmad said (29 November 2010 at 5:14 pm)

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  8. 269
    usman rana said (5 December 2010 at 8:52 pm)

    hi i love japan iam an automotive electronic technicain and working from 9 years in this field

  9. 270
    Farhat said (14 December 2010 at 9:49 pm)

    Hello if u r planning to get settled in malaysia then contact me immediately. i can arrange all kinds of visas for malaysia. Employment Visa, Dependent Visa, General Worker Visa, Overstay Application, Company registration, special pass, etc. my e mail address is

  10. 271
    moe moe said (3 January 2011 at 9:24 pm)

    i was reading all massage,so your country’visa like lottery right,your county people is never go to work other country.not fair

  11. 272
    maemae said (25 January 2011 at 10:48 am)

    just wanna know if i can change the passport of my nephew here in the philippines hes a half japanese half pilipino?

  12. 273
    Reyo said (25 January 2011 at 2:21 pm)

    I’m a filipina.Im divorced with my japanese ex-husband for 5months.I’m pregnant now,but the father of my becoming baby is my present japanese problem is,he’s married and had 3childs,that’s why he wasn’t able to protect me now…can somebody tell me what to do now…?

  13. 274
    Ray Prospero said (1 February 2011 at 4:37 pm)

    I’m a US Citizen and I’m a Japanese Permanent Alien Resident working for the US Navy as Ship Superintendent under the Master Labor Contract of Japan. I’m inviting my fiancee to spent time with me prior to getting married. What is the chance of my fiancee getting her Visa application approved to come over to be with me?

  14. 275
    Ian The Interrogator said (7 February 2011 at 2:30 am)

    Dear Reyo,

    I am sorry to hear of your situation. I first suggest that you contact your embassy and find out if they can provide you with a referral to support services for unmarried mothers in Japan. Next, you need to speak to an immigration attorney. Sometimes they do a free initial consultation.


  15. 276
    aika said (7 February 2011 at 8:37 am)

    Im filipina married to a japanese guy, I have been feeling overwhelming amounts of stress from my husband yelling at me and arguing with me all the time. Im abused verbally…so I was planning to divorce him but I just find out that I’m 5 weeks pregnant. He asked me to go for abortion, I refused. since then he’s been careless. I cry everyday, I tried to make things work, but it gets worse day by day..The question is what to do? Can I still have a visa if I divorce to my husband? Unfortunately, I’m holding tourist visa valid for 3 months only.. He told me before after that he is going to process my spouse visa. Now I feel like I’m hopeless. Pls help me. I’m getting depressed…

  16. 277
    prabha said (1 March 2011 at 8:22 pm)

    is there any age bar for working visa for any work skilled,semi skilled and unskilled?

  17. 278
    DEWI JOY ESCLETO TAKAMURA said (8 March 2011 at 12:08 am)

    hi,im married to a japanese man..from japan they gave me spousal visa but the problem is “VOID”..since then may husband HIROSHI TAKAMURA left me since he known that my visa is void..until now i cannot locate him even his email address and cellphone number changed it without any noticed from me..i’ve waited for 4years hoping that he will call me,but nothing hear from him..please help me what im gonna do with this? i have to see my husband,do i have the capacity to go to japan for this?..please i need your help..thank you.

  18. 279
    DEWIJOY ESCLETO TAKAMURA said (8 March 2011 at 12:25 am)

    please email me as soon as you can,i really have to know the answers of my problem…he just left me,he never call me even once after he knew that my visa is void…i have his address in japan but i dont know if he still live there…please help me..thank you..i’ve waited 4years till now hoping that he calls me back,email me,visit me…but nothing happens..

  19. 280
    justin carl patio said (13 March 2011 at 4:51 pm)

    hi. dewijoy san, if your husband is within tokyo post his address and maybe we can help. i have a wife living in there maybe she can help. and now my problem I need help about my visa. im married a filipina in japan last year then i went home to philippines. and now my problem is how to process my visa and eligibility. where shout we begin

  20. 281
    sam said (14 March 2011 at 5:07 pm)

    i was study japan 1.8 year,2005 to 2006 but i cant to learn not mony.after my all friend end the school go to work,unluky day the imgration arastead me,my panalty time is 5year,i want to work or studay in japan,i wory my bad thinks.still i am in my country.but my life is in japan,i realy like work in japan.please helap me,i know some day i won thanks

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