Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau

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  1. 27
    jacqueline said (15 February 2007 at 4:37 am)

    ohayoo gozaimasu…
    i hope that your good office will take actions about what i had send previously…theres no justice…i hope that your good office..look forward to this problem ….sad to say i cant locate the place where she lives now because she made it secret to everyone….shes renting appartment together with the married man…..i hope you can take actions on this..thank you and more power….

  2. 28
    Richie said (22 February 2007 at 5:56 pm)

    Hi there,
    I have a question that i believe you can help me.
    I am US green card holder but indonesian nationality. I am going back to Indonesia soon but my flight will transit in Narita Tokyo for 21 hours…and i wish to be able to go out or stay in hotel instead of waiting for 21 hours inside the airport. My question is…do i need a visa for that since i will just stay there for 21 hours waiting for my next flight? Because if i can stay in the hotel then i will book the hotel soon before i leave from US….Since booking a hotel is 100% non refundable so i need to get this information correctly ….Please help me solve this problem as soon as you can since my flight just a couple days away
    Thank You so much
    Domo arigato gojaimasu

  3. 29
    saito marivic rodelas said (10 August 2007 at 7:49 am)

    i want to verify my whole status here in japan all my records. my alien card number is b 119021056

  4. 30
    Bennett said (10 August 2007 at 8:26 pm)

    Saito, you should try the Immigration Information Center (search this website for details).

  5. 31
    FAMADOR TERESITA said (24 October 2007 at 12:36 am)

    good morning i been over stay for 12 years and i surrender last june. i just wanna ask you people in japan why you so eager to catch over staying people which this people live in your country for almost a year living your country “otonashi ko” without doing any crimens . how come you cannot give a special visa for these people especially those who have a child . while i know a lot of people you given visa which having a nationality of immitation 2 sei 3 sei spcially those came from southern america or latin america.did you think that is your law is fair? i been living in ichihara city for 12 yrs. and im so wondering that this people haveng a visa for 3 years residents which a lot of people know that this people is not a real 2 sei or san sei . how come that you officer of immgration did not know that . are you immigration officer is blind? once you look at there face you can acknowlege if this is a real japanese blood or they are fake . i am sorry i just wanna voice out my sentemental i know we live in a free country and i know i am free to talk. thank you very much if you are interested w this topic i can tell who are this people.

  6. 32
    Rafiqul Islam said (12 December 2007 at 9:51 pm)

    to, ministry of justice immigration Dept:
    as in Japan for thouse who have permanent residence their
    alien registration card should be diffrent from other status of visa holder. as sometime inside & out side japan while law inforsement official don’t know why the alien card holder visa
    priod of stay fill in star mark? so if residence permit holder
    hold diffrent kind of alien card it will be easy for both side.
    I hope ministry will take my comment seriously

  7. 33
    ashlie said (21 December 2007 at 1:25 pm)

    i am a 11 year old fil-japanese. havent seen my parents for about 9 years. will you please help me to tell them to visit me and my brother here in the phils. their names are emie and yuji nakagawa. please sir mam

  8. 34
    angela said (30 December 2007 at 1:35 am)

    gud day..can i ask a question..about the fingerprint in overstay b4 and used fake name 2x i think and then i got married and used my true name..but im only 17 yrs old that i have kids here to…what do you think if i decide to visit my country and enter again in japan and do the fingerprint that possible that i have that record in the that possible for me to hold from the immigration even though if i used that fake name 15 yrs ago..coz i heard if they found out that used fake passport will not enter and black list forever..what about my kids here..pls.answer me about the fingerprint issue..thank you very much

  9. 35
    dominguez,don said (10 January 2008 at 7:06 pm)

    a filipina named imelda marquez kimura,who is now facing a criminal charges here in the philippines.please remind her to settle the problem. standing warrant of arrest is waiting against her.

  10. 36
    Sapkota Raj said (12 January 2008 at 12:47 am)

    Hi good morning. This is mr. Bhesh raj sapkota, a foreign resisdent working in japan. Actually I need some information to help my friends. My friend is skilled lavour, indian cook, working here in japan for past three years. In this year he changed his job and has been working in new indian restaurant for last six month. now owner has taken my passport to apply my visa extension.But, for long time, 1 months, he is not applied . 23 january of this month my visa is going to end, so please what can I do, to live and work in japan . I heartly appricate your help and and I am sure you certainly provide me solution of my friend problem.

    Thank you

  11. 37
    krishna sapkota said (27 February 2008 at 12:43 am)

    Hello and good morning. this is Mr. sapkota. Now a days one of my friend has been facing problem form his employer. he is an indian cook. in this month his visa has going to be expire. Manager of the compay has taken my passport 2 months before but till today he is not given any clear view about my visa, plese if he cheated him then what should he do? is there any chance to apply himself even he has not got his own passport but allien card is with him.
    I really appricate your help. its very trouble condition for my friend . please advise what shuld we do? Thank you

  12. 38
    swotanta poudyal said (18 March 2008 at 4:39 pm)

    I want to like to apply for workin visa in Japan.
    Thats why i am seaching for the format of the
    application which i need fo applying the working
    visa in Japan.


  13. 39
    Peter Paul Ureta Alonsagay said (25 March 2008 at 6:51 pm) is me again..son of paul torres alonsagay…
    i haven’t heard any word from my father for months, and he never sent me any of his financial support for my needs, i am very desparate because right now i, again for the second time, had a leave of absence from my university.. due to lack of funds, i was not able to carry everything…my father never provided what i wanted besides the electric guitar he gave me and the badminton racket, he won’t even freely lend me his mountain bike.. knowing that my father is a very generous person to others, and a very good drinking buddy(johnny walker, j&b, smbpilsen, etc.), i wish i knew how to do as well so that i could enjoy the luxary of those… he is very much capable of sending me to the best university in the philippines, where the tuition is way lower than any other universities'(max tuition is 10 thousand pesos), and also could very much provide me and share to me his luxuries.. i am his legitimate son, yet, i felt like i’m the illegitimate one…he is being very irrational…he is being very selfish…this message didn’t mean to insult him or scandalize him in any way, surely when he reads this, he’ll be drinking again to his problems(which is of course very infantile), and get angry at me, he’ll call me with him shouting, that’s what he could do best instead of doing beneficial action..well papa, i hope you read this… you haven’t sent me any allowances for 4 months, i am very much drowned in debts, i did some part time, but it wasn’t just enough..and stop blaming your wife ma. elvie ureta-alonsagay, because this issue is just between you and me…how dare you… i have been keeping grudges and i don’t like it, i’m very upset, you even haven’t done something for me…because all you did was just for yourself…you still are very childish… because i know that i think more maturely than you do.. you don’t even know how to listen to me, your own son, because you would prefer to listen from your pathetic mistress…my step siblings even get to wear GAP and Donna Karan merchandise, and me? i wear som ukay ukay!!! you see people? MY DAD IS THE BEST IN THIS WRETCHED WORLD… if being mean, and being selfish were the outstanding values in this world, my father is the standard…i haven’t done but good to you, bringing your family name into streamers and newspapers, and a PHILIPPINE SCIENCE HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA, and as a UP Diliman Student!!!!

    well, i think that’s enough…please let my father know of this, He is PAUL TORRES ALONSAGAY, he is a big man with a child’s ego…

  14. 40
    Pjay (to:peter paul alonsagay said (2 April 2008 at 1:34 am)

    you are so clever, and don`t just waste it..forget about your father..i also had the same father came hir in japan wen i was 8 yrs.old and forget about us..i did everything and with God’s help i was able to overcome all of it..i am a senmon gakou student now hir in japan and i am workin while studying..try to reaserach about entering japan as scholar and do your best..studying japanese is very challenging..use your intellegence..sayang po..if you want i can be ur friend or maybe i can assist u to come hir like wat i did..

  15. 41
    adrianne said (14 April 2008 at 6:44 pm)

    pls help me to locate my wife adress there in nagoya japan she arrived there march 25 2008 her name is ivy sto. domingo 27 ylo filipina i dn’t know wat to do were i will go to help me to locate my wife she gave me number but i can’t not contact that number i can’t understand what the operator is saying her number is 00819093719997 she dn’t know that our son is in critical condition right now she is on the hospital my wife can not call me anymore beacaused she i had no work yet there but on march 25 when she arrived she call me pls help me filipino or filipina out help me pls email me

  16. 42
    DEGUCHI, MA CRISTINA said (28 April 2008 at 8:45 pm)

    4 days ago, i experienced a horrible night in Narita airport. I was an overstay before and believed that i have served already the 5 yrs penalty. I got married (mean legally and truly) to my japanese husband now for almost 4 years,me & my kids were granted VISAS by the embassy so we went to japan… April 24, the most unforgetable and humiliating experience happened to me at the Narita Airport… some are kind, but some are very very arrogant as if i am a criminal… that experience was very traumatic for me that i am trying to seek an advise from a lawyer. I dont have any objection about the their argument of me being an over stay before… but the whole process of how they are handling and how they treat me is unforgivable!!!! Me and my husband agreed that i will not live with him in japan but instead after having enough savings, he will be the one to retire in the philippines. why is it hard for them to believe???? kawateiru deshio??? lot of foreign nationals get married and very eager to live in japan,,, I AM NOT (NO OFFENSE TO OTHERS PLS.)i only wanted to visit my husband with my kids !!!! my point is that …. here am i complete with legitemate, authentic documents and had filed my application with the datas with all honesty…. and yet they treat me as if i had afake marriage…. etc… how i wish i could explain and elaborate more of really transpired during that whole night of me being held at the NARITA AIRPORT. I dont question the LAW, but i questioned the way they handle an investigation there… japanese are supposed to be polite in any situation…. but what i have experienced made me change of what i thought japanese are.

  17. 43
    DEGUCHI, MA CRISTINA said (28 April 2008 at 8:49 pm)

    I hope and i pray someone from the Immigration Bureau can read this or even a japanese immigration lawyer… i really wanted to make a consultation,,,, i am here now back in the philippines leaving my 3 kids there in japan with my husband…. please if somebody has something to advise, to recommend, please post a comment regarding of my story… thanks God bless….

  18. 44
    miki said (4 May 2008 at 4:56 pm)

    hi anybody who knows this person name aizawa naruhiro we lost our communication 11yrs ago now i need to find him for our annulment here in the philippines,i suffered so many years waiting for him and now i need to annulled our that for me to remarry…please help; he was in kuroiso tochigi ken when we have still our communication….thankyou so much

  19. 45
    redbrandog21 (to peter) said (8 May 2008 at 8:49 am)

    forget him bubbles, you know better than getting your life fucked up because of that oblivious guy. You can lead your life in a manner of not being dependent to him. Get a job at the call center or whatever. A lot of UP students made their way to graduation by sticking and setting their mind head-forward to their goals. Itampa dayun sa iya dude pag graduate mu sa Diliman. Hambala xa nga you did it not for his name but for yourself and your mom. Pabatyag ka lng nga buhi ka but show him you did the best for yourself and your mom without his help. Pucha, make him feel it bubbles. Law-ay2x gd yah ang feeling nga gna bayaan pero padayon ka lng yah eh.

  20. 46
    miki to cristina deguchi said (9 May 2008 at 3:07 pm)

    hi ive read your story.tanong lng ang violation mo ba ay overstay lng at ones kalng ba nag tnt.kac i know somebody na nahuli rn sya pero nagpakasal sa hapon ngayon nandoon na kahit wala pa sya 5years d2 sa pinas….

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