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Depeche Mode discographies

Depeche Mode used to be a synth-pop band from the UK. These days they sound full of doom and angst, brought on by bitter and painful obession; maybe this is what happens when people get old. Nonetheless, they've released many records, and lots of bootleggers have released records on their behalf.

My Depeche Mode Unofficial Releases discography (100k; last updated 1998) is very comprehensive, if unavoidably incomplete.

I've also compiled a great big cross-reference of all the unofficial DM remixes up to about 1995. It also includes reviews of the individual tracks by a number of people. This is the Depeche Mode Remix and Studio Bootleg CDs discography (100k; last updated 1995). I stopped updating it awhile back; most of the information in it (and much more besides) is in the other discography.

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