Less: a WordPress plugin

Thursday, 23 June 2005

Less is no more. It has been renamed to Seemore and moved to its own Seemore plugin page.

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  1. Thank a lottt, i seek this concept everywhere in webworld, it seems diz is one and only cooooool plugin

    Version 2.6 of WordPress helpfully (?) offers to ‘upgrade’ your Less to someone else’s plugin that doesn’t do at all the same thing — http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/less/


  3. Argh. Sorry about that William — I was bitten by it too! This is basically a bug in WordPress — when it checks for plugin updates, it checks based only on the name of the plugin — and there is another plugin out there called Less, which is registered at wordpress.org. (I never registered my Less because it’s so simple I never bothered.)

    I will have to get a change added to WP to fix this issue, but till then I think I’m going to have to rename Less. Any suggestions?

  4. Bennett, Does “Less” work with 2.6 of wordpress?

    On the new name, how about “Full” / complete “More Full” lol ?


  5. many thanks for the great plugin. i have it now on my site http://www.per-autopilot-zum-reichtum.de/ live on the deployment. It works fine!

    regards tobias

  6. I say you call it “les” with one S. Less, s’s….?

  7. hello benett i need your plugin but its not working, does your plugin works with wordpress 2.6.x versions.

    please let me know. awaiting for an early reply.


  8. is it available in german?

  9. installed on http://www.woozybmx.com and its working soooo good! thanks so much!!!

  10. I can see how this tool can be very useful. At my current blog http://www.GreatIdeaBlog.com I am just showing complete posts so for me it is not neccesary needed. If I would change setup it is good to know that these kinds of plugins are available and I will use this one.

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  12. Great Plugin.. Thanks :)

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