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Take a Chance on Me (rap)

Updated 15 May 2004

Here’s one interpretation of MC Kinky’s rap on Take a Chance on Me. Sometimes I get the feeling that Kinky herself didn’t really know what she was saying.

Coming in!
If you like what you’re seeing take a chance with me
You won’t be grabbed if you’re feeling horny
Well you’re perfect so you got to know this precious property
I know the lads so cold musically
Nobody sits, understand me clearly
However hard you try you could-a never hold me
We all fix nice it up and just move freely
Special K – what he says so listen carefully
Me not sit all alone and just wait for the phone
Not call me up cause me never never home
Ya machine on cause we get a wrong one
Matthew Mark, mister Paul, mister Luke and John
If we like what we see we chance a situation
Nothing don’t pay nothing maybe see what follow on
What a jill may do if the right man come
Hey ride the boat now we just have a little fun
Go now!

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